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Colour: Dark Fawn
BAS Reg: Yes
Born: January 1999
Breed: Huacaya

A most striking example of a herd sire. He has substance of bone and correct proportions throughout his whole body; an impressive masculine head with well shaped muzzle and ears. His fleece is amazingly dense from topknot to toe, with good crimp, staple length and added softness. His gentle disposition is carried through to his progeny, which are easily recognisable.

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  Alpaca stud Caramello  
  Caramello   Caramello   Caramello  

Caramello: progeny examples

  Caramello progeny female born 2003  
  Caramello progeny male born 2003  
  Caramello progeny female born 2002  
  Caramello progeny male born 2002  
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