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AzSu is situated in deepest Norfolk on a farm of about 55 acres. The Alpacas fit very well into the East Anglian landscape. The beauty and allure of these animals is indescribable, each with its own specific features, character and mannerisms.



Unrivalled experience

Over the course of many years, Su Lenk, founder of AzSu Alpacas, travelled throughout the Peruvian Andes learning about these fantastic animals from the people who have farmed them for over 6000 years.

As a qualified International Alpaca Judge she was in demand at shows in both the USA and Ireland.

Only by doing this was she able to develop such a deep understanding of what makes Alpacas tick:

  • how to handle them properly

  • how to manage and maintain a happy herd

  • how to breed strong animals with desirable attributes

AzSu Alpacas represents the sum of all of Su's knowledge, which is why you'll find nothing but happy, healthy Alpacas, strong breeding sires and the very best facilities at our Norfolk farm.

The business continues to thrive in the hands of her daughter Nikki, assisted by granddaughter Carissa-Lea, who have both been inspired by Su and learnt much from her. They continue with the same principles of care for the animals and promotion of their end-product that Su has established.

Alpaca herd Sires now available
Alpaca herd Sires now available
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