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The finest Alpacas in the world are those whose ancestry can be traced back to their Peruvian homeland, where the cashmere-like Alpaca fleece was used to produce clothing for the Incan royalty.

AzSu's herd consists of two types of Peruvian Alpaca - the crimpy Huacaya whose fleece has a wavy quality and grows perpendicular to the skin, and the Suri with locketed, lustruous fine fibre which hangs in ringlets vertical to the skin.

  Peruvian Alpacas  

Herd selection

We took great care in the selection of our foundation herd to preserve these important values. Our females have been re-bred to the best possible match to ensure continual genetic improvement.



The result is a strong, healthy herd which boasts Peruvian Allianza Plantel, Accoyo, Paucar and Australian Jolimont bloodlines and is very much in demand for the establishment of new herds and for stud services.

Alpaca herd Sires now available
Alpaca herd Sires now available
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