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The Alpaca Barn

Welcome to the Alpaca Barn, a treasure trove of exclusive Alpaca clothing, soft furnishings and other unique gift ideas.


British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society (BAS) is dedicated to the welfare of alpacas and the education of their owners in the UK. The BAS provides information, support and events for alpaca owners, breeders and those interested in alpacas, as well as maintaining the Pedigree Register for the National Herd.


British Camelids Association

The British Camelids Association (BCA) was restructured in 2006. The BCA has divested its breed society function and now concentrates solely on welfare, educational and charitable objectives. Originally formed in 1987 to represent the interests of everyone with an interest in alpacas, llamas, guanacos, vicunas and camels.


British Veterinary Camelid Society

The British Veterinary Camelid Society is an informal group of vets, researchers and other interested people dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of clinical care for all camelids in the UK.


GWF Nutrition (previously Gro-Well Feeds)

We are Norfolk stockists for:
Camelibra - aids nutrient absorption from the natural forage based diets of alpacas and other camelids.
Fibregest - provides digestible fibres to maintain healthy foregut microbial digestion. A perfect partner for Camelibra.
Joint Aid for Dogs - the painless, economical aid for maintaining healthy joints. OK, it's not for alpacas, but our Labrador dogs thrive on it.



FASTRACK - a pro-biotic paste that gives alpacas a bit of a kick start if a little sluggish. It is a great boost to slow starters and can also be given before setting out on a journey as a tummy settler. Ideal to give them prior to departing for a show.
Vitamin Gel - a paste of vitamins A, D3, E and B12 which is given orally.


F&P Systems - The Predator People

There's a hard way and an easy way to clear your paddock of alpaca droppings. We chose the easy way!


Tyeslemore Holiday Bungalows

On the beautiful Frisian island of Texel there are holiday bungalows surrounded by ponies and alpacas. Here you can relax with cycling, walking, swimming and horseriding and enjoy the open spaces, tranquility and nature.


Research involving camelids and human health

A preliminary report on current research involving llamas and potentially other camelids. The antibodies of llamas are found to have particular characteristics that may have beneficial effects in the treatment of human conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.


The Llama Song

A little light relief. Try to count how many times the word 'llama' is used in this song ...



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Alpaca herd Sires now available
Alpaca herd Sires now available
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