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The key to establishing your own healthy Alpaca herd is to ensure your foundation animals are of the best possible quality.

AzSu's Alpacas are all pure-bred and carefully nurtured from strong Peruvian blood lines with many award-winning animals amongst them.



The highest quality

We have always dedicated our efforts to producing beautiful Huacayas and Suris for the key qualities of:

  • Conformation: healthy males with good solid bone structure, and healthy outstanding females from which we will produce animals everyone can be proud of owning

  • Dense fine fibre: with low micron and standard deviation to ensure the softness that makes Alpaca fleece so valuable

  • Colour diversity: which means good solid colours in as many of the 22 natural colours as possible, thus eliminating the necessity to dye the magical fibre



Peace of mind

Buying your foundation herd from AzSu means you will be able to benefit from our unique, in-depth experience of Alpacas:

  • All the advice you need to help you select the right Alpacas for your personal requirements

  • Guaranteed healthy and insureable animals, which are all registered with BAS

  • The adult female you choose will be confirmed pregnant

  • Alpacas purchased from us will have full current health and parentage records

  • New owners will receive continued help and advice

  • Telephone support for as long as you need it

  • Buyers of pregnant female Alpacas are offered a big saving for rebreeding to a herdsire belonging to AzSu

  • Payment plans are available

Alpaca herd Sires now available
Alpaca herd Sires now available
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