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Alpaca Investment Opportunities

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You don't have to get 'hands on' to appreciate all the benefits that Alpacas can bring.

Investing in a professionally managed herd from a strong bloodline promises an excellent return with little or no risk.



Buying advice

Strong pedigree animals are always in demand and Alpacas are no different - so it's important to know what you're buying. Our unparalleled experience means we are able to advise you on the careful choice of your investment herd.



Herd management

Once you have bought your herd, we will allocate space on our extensive farm and professionally manage the animals for you, for as long as you wish, taking care of feeding, veterinary requirements, shearing and breeding once a suitable AzSu sire has been selected.

Whilst you will need to pay a modest amount for their upkeep, you will benefit from the sale of the animals' highly prized fleece, stud fees, and from the sale of Alpacas from your own herd.

Alpaca herd Sires now available
Alpaca herd Sires now available
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